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Lisa, Doctor and Mom in Park Slope, said on Yelp:

Amanda and her team are a force of nature!  We first contacted Urban Clarity to help us sift through the contents of my father-in-law’s estate, much of which had  “come to live” with us but wasn’t being used. She put us in touch with the right folks to donate and sell all of the unloved pieces!  We were about to move, and she looked at our prior and new spaces. She gave us valuable insights into downsizing our kitchen, creating systems to minimize clutter, and keep the chaos in check.  15 months later, we’ve kept a more streamlined approach to our house and are delighted with their organizational help!”



Yoshi, Fort Greene, said on Yelp:

“Urban Clarity is awesome! Amanda and Lorraine helped me get organized for a big move and then I called them again to help with organizing and unpacking in the new place. They were extremely helpful, efficient, and fun to work with. I was amazed with how much we got was like magic!



Joanne, Stay-at-Home Mom, Upper West Side:

Amanda was my 40th birthday gift to myself when I decided I was sick and tired of living in an absolute sea of clutter.  Room by room we went through my apartment, and I feel like my space has been totally transformed.  My home is so much more functional now.  Amanda is easy to work with, and had ideas that  I could /never/ have come up with on my own.  I consider myself to be chronically disorganized, and the most impressive thing about Amanda's work is that it stands the test of time.  9 months later the systems she helped me put in place are still working. I enthusiastically recommend her!



Joyce, education consultant in Park Slope, said on Yelp:

“I hired Amanda to help me carve out room for a home office. She was encouraging, energetic, sympathetic and very practical. She timed our session perfectly and I came away with a new space that is working beautifully over a year later.”



Jordan, estate executor in Chelsea:

“Amanda was professional, amiable, friendly. I had never been an executor before, but Amanda adjusted her working style to meet my needs. She knew how to go about what had to be done that not only helped me achieved my goals but also turned an overwhelming challenge into a pleasant and burden-free experience.  Amanda nimbly handled the project’s vendor coordination.  The project was done in a timely manner, and as a satisfied client I would recommend Amanda to anyone.”



Katie, performing arts professional, Cobble Hill:

“Amanda was clear and straightforward about what needed to happen to organize my apartment. She gave me creative, doable solutions that really worked. She understands what it's like to live with a toddler!”



Leslie, investment banker, Upper East Side:

“Amanda is a talented and creative organizing professional. She showed great sensitivity in working with my children to downsize their substantial toy overstock, and came up with a number of clever as well as aesthetic ideas for storage. In addition, I first met Amanda at an event she very ably organized and I would definitely recommend her to organize events as well as space.”



Joanna, entertainment professional, Fort Greene:

“Amanda is an amazing professional organizer. She can find clarity and solutions for any project. We had completed a large apartment renovation and I was feeling overwhelmed with the unpacking and prospect of setting up our new home. Amanda came in with a specific plan and we attacked each room together. I appreciate that she doesn't just give you ideas and tips but actually gets down on her hands and knees and helps with the dirty work. She brings humor and kindness to each meeting and always helps me see that the organization is manageable and results are obtainable. After years of being embarrassed to entertain because of all the clutter, Amanda's efforts have given me the confidence to have people over and enjoy showing off my home. The strategies she's implements are realistic and I'm able to keep the house mostly "de-cluttered" and when I feel things are getting a little out of control again, I love that I can call on Amanda to help reign me back in. She never passes judgment and she never lets you think that your house is the worst she's ever seen. Amanda is seriously better than a therapist. Working with her is a truly cathartic experience. You can confide in her and share fears and concerns and despite the serious work, she helps you find some fun in it. She's discreet and will never let you down.”



Anne, entrepreneur, Bed-Stuy:

“Amanda has helped me finally move into my loft, eliminating the unnecessary has made more room for my daughter and my home office. I can find what I need - stress free!”



Kim, entrepreneur, Astoria:

“I wasn't terribly disorganized, I just had a hard time getting to things when I needed them. I had a whole lot of stuff stuffed into a small space. No more! Thanks to Amanda, I can now easily find my things in my small, but sensibly organized, closet. Amanda helped me to categorize, prioritize, and even purge my belongings. This enabled us to restore my closet to a highly functional space that houses my business supplies, crafts, gifts, and ongoing projects. It's all in there, neatly arranged and accessible. She even trained me on how to keep it up. I love it!”



Jeremy, psychiatrist, Upper West Side:

“Living in New York, you get so used to the usual gripe about too little space, too much clutter, that you forget that life can be otherwise.  For my wife and me, who had long since stopped looking at our clothes, books, belongings with any kind of critical eye, the process of working with Amanda was more like “reclamation” of space we’d long since forfeited.  Here we are months later and the junk is still gone, the systems are still in place, and we are both surprised to find that it wasn’t a question of space but being realistic about our possessions.  It’s probably too much to say that we have our lives back, but at least our apartment and sanity were returned, which is a gift enough. “



Carolyn, mom, Carroll Gardens:

“Amanda did an amazing job helping me to get our house ready for our second baby.  We had accumulated an overwhelming amount of junk – most of which was stored in really unhelpful places.  Amanda helped us to create a workable plan for where to put our kids and their clothes and us and our clothes in a house without a single closet – and without buying a lot of new pieces of furniture.  In just one day, Amanda worked incredibly hard with me to pare down our things to those items we truly needed and created more livable spaces for everyone – making me feel more prepared for the big changes to come as our family expands.  She kept me motivated and focused so that we accomplished in one day something that I thought would take weeks.  The morning after our big clean sweep, I woke up in a room that actually made me feel happier with more space and less clutter.  This purge was one of the best, most helpful things we have done in a long time! “



Sioux, photographer, Cobble Hill:

Amanda has an incredible way of seeing right away how to remedy any room, kitchen, or closet full of clutter. While we sort, purge and organize what is truly needed, she helps with incredible insight and tips on how to manage my thinking around bringing new stuff in!



Lucy, entrepreneur and mom, Clinton Hill:

“Amanda helped me with the daunting and onerous task of packing up our four story brownstone and 20 years of accumulated ‘pack ratting’ in preparation for a renovation. Somehow, Amanda made the job both do-able and fun. Most importantly, aside from actually getting this massive job done, she taught me how to think differently about space and possessions.  She transmitted to me sorely needed organizational skills. I learned how to make decisions about what I actually use/need/want versus what I just hang on to for questionable reasons. 


“As a result, our home is a much more functional and usable space and just feels nicer. I've found Amanda also to be very good at listening to my concerns/desires and coming up with rather creative solutions.  Getting this done on my own would have meant avoiding the problem and putting a ton of unnecessary stuff into storage.  I would have filled the house up with the same old junk after our renovation. On top of all that, it is just nice to spend time with someone who is dead smart, very sensitive, enjoyable to work with and has excellent judgment to boot.”



Lisa, entrepreneur, in Fort Greene:

Amanda was fantastic!  In addition to being prompt, a great communicator and a delight to work with, she was incredibly responsive to my specific needs.   I had purchased specialized shelving a year ago to redo my basement.  She made all arrangements to have an expert assemble them for me.  I also wanted to get rid of paint from the house’s previous owners.  She not only found a local charity that could both use and pick up the paint, but she called them on my behalf.  It could not have been easier for me!  Within three days, my new shelves were up, my basement was organized and was completely functional.  It was such a great sense of accomplishment!”



Suzanne, lawyer, Upper West Side:

“My husband and I had given up on trying to organize our apartment and had come to believe that it just couldn’t be done.  Our apartment was nothing short of a disaster.  It never felt relaxing and certainly didn’t feel like a nice home to come back to at the end of the work day.  We never invited people over and even avoided someone stopping up for just a minute if they were in the neighborhood.  We had tried various different systems to organize the mail, closets, and other items in the past, but often the organizing tools just became another place to pile stuff on.  In two sessions with Amanda, we literally turned our apartment around completely.  And at the risk of sounding too cheesy, it feels life changing. 


“My closets have never been so organized.  I have actually been able to sleep in later because I can get dressed more quickly in the morning! 


“I feel more “at home” in our apartment than I have in years.  I used to cry out of frustration at the state of our apartment and my feeling of helplessness.  That feeling is now gone.  The systems Amanda put in place are working and sustainable.  


“I honestly believe that I could not have achieved these results on our own.   I feel Amanda’s help has made a huge difference in our lives.”

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